Executive Committee (Elected): Elizabeth Keller (Chair & Head of Delegation), Bev Knight (Vice-Chair), Finnie Flores (Vice-Chair), Don Newsham (past-Chair).

Elizabeth Keller, MA and BA (Hons), Chair Elect of MC/ISO TC215 Health Informatics and Head of Canadian Delegation (Standards Council of Canada).

Elizabeth Keller

Elizabeth is a leading executive, strategist and integrator in Canadian digital health and a recognized health expert internationally. She was recently named one of the Top 10 Women Leaders in Digital Health in Canada by her peers. In her volunteer role as Chair for the MC, Elizabeth has worked on many standards initiatives; including patient summary standards sets, cross collaboration on the Joint Initiative Council, participation frameworks for developing countries with the World Health Organization (WHO) and eSafety. Elizabeth brings extensive private sector consulting experience from PwC and IBM to her current role in the standards community and to her role as Vice-President at OntarioMD, where she leads the provincial roll-out of a comprehensive suite of digital health services for clinicians. Elizabeth gladly
volunteers her expertise and leadership in the healthcare community in Canada and internationally; as a recent Digital Health Canada Board Director & Treasurer, as a writer and speaker at many Health conferences in North America and as a mentor to the next generation of digital health professionals.


Beverly Knight, Vice-Chair

Beverly Knight

In her role at Canada Health Infoway, Beverly has led the development of numerous terminology assets for use in digital health projects. She is currently co-leading the development of the Canadian Clinical Drug Data Set, a new national drug terminology. Beverly has established a strong presence and influence through her work with international terminology Standards Development Organizations including ISO TC 215, providing Terminology education tutorials at HL7, chairing various work groups at HL7 and SNOMED International. As a former practicing clinician, Beverly has a passionate interest in advancing digital health within Canada.




Finnie Flores, MPH, MAEd, Vice-Chair of MC/ISO TC215 Health Informatics (Standards Council of Canada)

Finnie Flores

Finnie Flores is Program Consultant, Architecture and Standards at Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). He has been actively participating in ISO TC/215 for over 5 years and he has been involved in standards development and governance in Canada for over a decade. He currently serves as co-lead of Health Analytics Community and has served as co-lead of Coordination of Care Community and as co- chair and technical representative of its predecessor, the Infoway/pan-Canadian Standards Collaborative Working Group 2 (Individual Care). He also represents CIHI in jurisdictional health informatics standards councils. He has extensive experience in health informatics standards development and implementation including HL7 (v2.x, 3.0, FHIR and CDA), ISO, pan-Canadian EHR standards, and SNOMED CT. He has been involved in health information systems development for both clinical and health system management uses. He provides standards subject matter expertise in CIHI projects and programs and he is passionate about standards that he initiated and leads CIHI’s annual World Standards Day celebration (now on its 5th year).


Don Newsham, past Chair of MC/ISO TC215 Health Informatics

Don Newsham

Don brings over 30 years of health informatics experience through former CEO and CIO roles with private, public and not for profit sectors. Within the standards community, both nationally and internationally, Don is an engaged, respected, distinguished, and highly contributing leader for standardization. He has served as an expert, member, advisor and mentor for standards initiatives and organizations including ISO/TC215, the Joint Initiative Council, the Standards Council of Canada and in the recent past, with the Canada Health Infoway Standards Collaborative Communities, with various WHO initiatives and with other countries requiring standards expertise. Don was also a former convener of TC215 Working Group 1, a standards author, a member of the Joint Initiative Council (JIC), the recent co-lead of
the joint SDO harmonization initiative (CAG3), and a Task Force chair and joint author for the Patient Summary Standards Set of the JIC. He now also serves as a mentor for new Canadian standards project leads, experts and delegates from many industries and organizations and provides standards practices training for Standards Council of Canada staff and other leaders across the Canadian ISO standards leadership and technical committee chair community.

Committee Members:

Dr. Kelly Abrams, PhD., CHIM

Kelly Abrams

Dr. Kelly Abrams, Ph.D., CHIM is a Standards Council of Canada Mirror Committee representative on ISO/TC215 Health Informatics Working Group 3 - Semantic Content and Working Group 6 – Pharmacy and Medicines Business, and ISO/PC 317 Consumer protection: privacy by design for consumer goods and services. Kelly has over 30 years in health informatics with expertise in workforce transformation, privacy, information management, and data governance. Kelly was also the VP with the Canadian College of Health Information Management and presently, is the privacy and data governance consultant on the University of Regina’s RCMP Longitudinal Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Project.




Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson is Senior Expert, Program Delivery at Health Canada’s Transformation and Business Informatics Division. Craig’s role is focused on representing Health Canada on international IT/IM forums; facilitating the development and implementation of international standards; facilitating delivery of regulatory informatics projects related to electronic product labeling, data governance, automation; and IT modernization/business optimization.

Craig also has over 13 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in regulatory operations and regulatory information management. He has operated as global line manager with staff in Canada, USA and Sweden; with global responsibility for regulatory submission and information management.



Chantal Couris, PhD, MSc

Chantal Couris

Chantal is the manager of the Indicator Research and Development team at the Canadian Institute for Health Information. Her role at the Canadian Institute for Health Information is to manage the development, release and evaluation of new health indicators following CIHI rigorous Indicator Development Cycle process. She has led the development of the Hospital Harm Indicator and many other indicators related to mental health and addiction and cardiac care for example. Chantal is a bilingual professional and an experienced researcher with a PhD focused on health system performance measurement. She is proficient in quantitative data analysis with over fifteen years of experience working with administrative data. She has been working with Canadian and international experts and in partnership with key stakeholders (e.g. Canadian Patient Safety Institute, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society) to support them in their efforts to continuously improve the performance of the health system and the health of Canadians.


Neil Gardner, MPA

Neil Gardner

Neil Gardner has a wealth of experience in health informatics, policy and management, serving as CIO for the Ministry of Health in Saskatchewan for several years and having held several senior management positions in the Saskatchewan government including Associate Deputy Minister of Health. Neil has been involved in the foundational health informatics initiatives at the national level in Canada over the past 25 years and has had the unique opportunity of serving as a founding director for both of Canada’s major national agencies in this field - the Canadian Institute for Health Information and Canada Health Infoway. He also served for more than a decade on the Board of Canada’s health informatics professional association (formerly known as COACH, now Digital Health Canada). In his retirement from public service leadership roles, Neil continues to be involved as an active member of Canada’s delegation to TC215 and plays a leadership role in the development of new standards to address the need for the safe application of health informatics in enabling continuing improvements in the health of our population.


Grant Gillis

Grant Gillis

Grant Gillis’s association on behalf of Canada with ISO/TC 215 Health Informatics began shortly after the committee’s inception in 1998, and he has been a formal member and regular delegate on behalf of Canada for the last 15 years. Over this time, he has served several terms as Secretary and then Convenor to the international committee’s WG1 Architecture, Frameworks & Models, as well as working at senior levels on several domestic and international strategic planning and operational initiatives advancing the cause of health informatics across the technical committee. As a Canadian delegate to ISO, Grant has also contributed to numerous ballot reviews and led several international project teams, most recently serving as project lead in the publication of a first-of-its-kind international technical specification on the safety of health software used in healthcare systems around the globe.


Andrew Grant, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FACMI

Andrew Grant

Dr. Andrew Grant is a laboratory physician who has been a member of TC 215 since its inception, when he transferred his standards interests from laboratory diagnostics to standards in the emerging field of Health Informatics. He is based at the Université de Sherbrooke, Québec and directs the research group CRED - Collaboration in research for effective diagnostics, interested especially in the role of informatics and standards to support health innovation. He served on the Infoway standards steering committee 2002-2004 and, on the SNOMED, international technical committee 2007-2011. He developed a web application to support TC 215 standards management which has now evolved to the SKMT Standards Knowledge Management Tool and it supports a coherent international glossary of Health Informatics term definitions which has currently more than 3000 terms www.skmtglossary.org. He has led a standards document TR 13054 (2012) Knowledge management of health information Standards. He has introduced and led standards work on the Clinical data warehouse, publishing 2 standards documents TR 22221 (2006) Good principles and practices for a clinical data warehouse and TS 29585 (2010) Deployment of a clinical data warehouse.


Peter Humphries

Peter Humphries

Peter Humphries has led large IT and health system related activities across Canada over decades of consulting and leadership in the public and private sectors. He was an elected leader of Canada Health Infoway's IT Privacy and Security Services Standards Collaborative Working Group from its inception and, in addition to professional board of directors’ experience, has served on national and provincial committees, setting standards for national mental health indicators and guiding e- health initiatives. Canadian and international experience in health care, privacy and security inform Peter's contributions the TC215 Mirror Committee and the Standard Council of Canada's Canadian Advisory Committee on the GDPR.



Eugene Igras, MMedSc (Neuroscience), MMath

Eugene Igras

A senior Information Technology Architect and Information Management Consultant with over forty (40) years of experience in the public and private sectors across multiple industries, including high-tech, oil and gas, aerospace and healthcare. Since 1990, Eugene has been involved in the development and integration of Information Technology and Information Management solutions in the healthcare sector in Canada and internationally. Examples include enterprise-wide solutions in Electronic Health Record, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Chronic Disease Management, eHealth & Telehealth, Clinical Decision Support, and Information Management solutions. Eugene is a Founder and President of IRIS Systems, a Canadian company that provides advisory, systems engineering and information management services to domestic and international clients. He has been a member of the Canadian ISO/TC215 and SCC since 2001 and involved in the development and adoption of Electronic Health Record and Medical Imaging standards and guidelines. He has also authored specifications in the area of interoperability of systems and networks.


Heather King

Heather King

Heather is a licensed Medical Radiation Technologist at the Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario. With over 5 years of working experience in the hospital and health care industry, Heather strives to make a lasting impact on her community. In addition to her career, Heather is a mature student completing her bachelor’s in health science.

Heather is a new member to the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) ISO TC215 Health Informatics Mirror Committee and is excited to share her clinical knowledge. To contribute most effectively, she has joined the Standards Council of Canada pilot mentorship program to learn from a senior member of the SCC.




Frederic Laroche

Frederic Laroche

Frederic Laroche is a digital health expert with more than 16 years of IT consulting experience, including close to 12 years in healthcare informatics. His main fields of expertise are: architecture, systems integration, interoperability, standards and health information exchange. In his career to date, Frederic has contributed to several large-scale and complex health projects and he played a key role in high-visibility projects for many organizations. Frederic is currently in a Director role at Gevity, where he is responsible for managing and developing the Health Solutions practice, which includes software development, integration and technical services. Frederic has been involved in developing health standards through his work with ISO/TC215 for the last 4 years. His involvement includes review of several standards and attendance to international meetings as part of the Canadian delegation. Frederic was most active with WG1 dealing with architecture, frameworks and models, with a special focus on the ISO 13606 standard for electronic health record communication. In addition to his involvement with ISO/TC215, Frederic is also an active member of the Canadian standards community, and he is currently involved in the Canadian FHIR Implementers Working Group and co-chair of the Canadian FHIR Tooling Workstream. In the past, Frederic was also an active contributor to several working groups part of the Infoway’s Standards Collaborative (SCWGs).

Marion Lyver, MD, FRCP(C), FCFP, CPHIMS-CA

Marion Lyver

Dr. Marion Lyver is an emergency medicine specialist certified by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons and the College of Family Physicians of Canada and is an Associate Clinical Professor at McMaster U in the Faculty of Medicine. She is a well- known, trusted and well-respected digital health and healthcare consultant, providing services in her areas of expertise to both public and private sector organizations provincially, nationally and internationally for almost 20 years. Marion has served as a two-term elected Convenor (Chair) of ISO Technical Committee 215 (Health Informatics) - Working Group 8 (EHR Requirements) and Vice-Convenor of WG1 – Architecture, Frameworks & Models, two terms as an elected representative on the IHTSDO (International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization) Implementation & Innovation Committee, two terms as an elected Board member of COACH – Canada’s Health Informatics Association (now Digital Health Canada) and multi-year terms on Canada Health Infoway governance committees – the Standards Collaborative (SC) Strategic Committee and the SC Coordinating Committee. Marion is among those who have received a national peer recognition award from Canada Health Infoway for her work in advancing health informatics standards to improve quality of care and electronic sharing of healthcare data. At present, Marion acts as CMO for a digitally-driven health services company focused on underserved populations and an advisor to start-up and early stage companies, in addition to continuing her private medical practice.

Aaron Middleton

Aaron Middleton

Aaron Middleton is an Executive Managing Partner at Gevity Consulting Inc., one of Canada’s largest health informatics consulting firms. He has more than 26 years of experience working in IM/IT, with 21 years specializing in health information management and digital health. His experience spans roles in enterprise architecture, standards, strategic planning, project management and, software development and design. Aaron has focused much of his health informatics career on establishing effective collaborations in software and standards innovation, development and implementation. He has had the privilege of successfully engaging in several Canadian initiatives at the federal, provincial, and territorial levels, as well as for indigenous organizations, providing his strategic support, advice and architectural services on numerous projects.

Aaron has been an ISO/TC215 Health Informatics accredited delegate since 2007 and has participated actively on TR 22221 (2006) Good principles and practices for a clinical data warehouse, which evolved to TS 29585 (2010) Deployment of a clinical data warehouse. He also contributed to ISO 21667:2010 Health indicators conceptual framework. Currently, Aaron is Canadian lead on ISO TR 21332 - Cloud computing considerations for health information systems security and privacy. Previously, he provided his expertise as Canada Health Infoway’s Standards Collaborative SCWG #3 – Health System Management Chair (Elected) from 2007 – 2014 and represented CIHI as a voting member of the Standards Collaborative Coordinating Committee of Canada Health Infoway’s Standards Collaborative from 2007-2009.

Michael Nusbaum

Michael Nusbaum

Michael Nusbaum is a senior strategist, advisor and thought leader, with more than 35 years of experience devoted exclusively to healthcare. With a background in health services administration and industrial engineering, Michael provides a unique blend of management consulting services to health authorities, governments, hospitals, vendors and professional associations in Canada, the US and around the world. Michael is considered an international expert in healthcare standards & interoperability and represents Canada on the ISO’s Technical Committee for Health Informatics. Michael is a director on several industry boards, including HIMSS-North America (Vice-Chair) and IHE International, and has had academic appointments at 4 Canadian universities.



Ron G. Parker

Ron G. Parker

Ron G. Parker is Principal Consultant, Parker Digital Health Consulting (DHC) Inc. and has 32 years of experience in architecting integrated IT solutions in health and social services enterprises. Before recently forming Parker DHC, Ron was employed with Canada Health Infoway Inc. (Infoway) for 15 years. Ron is well known to the international health informatics interoperability and information standards communities. He has over 15 years of participation in HL7 International, including roles as co-chair of the HL7 Architecture Review Board, and Chair of the initial FHIR Governance Board. For several years he was also a member of the Canadian delegation to ISO TC215 an active contributor to the information modeling working group. He also led the pan-Canadian Standards Needs Assessment project. This project resulted in the establishment of the pan-Canadian Standards Collaborative, a consortium of public and private sector organizations, associations, and individual members that contributed to the development, adoption, and implementation of health informatics standards across Canada. He is also the author of a definitive white paper on the use of Cloud-based computing environments in health care.

Derek Ritz

Derek Ritz

Derek Ritz is the principal consultant at ecGroup Inc., a Canadian professional services firm that provides advisory services to domestic and international clients regarding digital health strategy, architecture, standards, implementation and adoption. He has been an advisor to national-scale digital health infrastructure projects in Canada and in over a dozen countries in southern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Derek is a delegate of Canada to ISO/TC215 (Health Informatics) and is Canada’s official Liaison to the International eHealth standards profiling organization, IHE. In addition to his consulting work, Derek teaches graduate-level courses in health informatics at the University of Edinburgh, has authored and co-authored multiple books and articles on digital health interoperability, and is an active contributor to a donor-funded project, OpenHIE (www.ohie.org), whose mission is to “improve the health of the underserved through the open, collaborative development and support of country driven, large scale health information sharing architectures.”


Sue Schneider, BA, CHIM, CPHIMS-CA

Sue Schneider

Sue Schneider is Director, eHealth Standards, at eHealth Ontario, with 12 ½ years in roles dedicated to health informatics standards, focused on data exchange, data content and terminology standards for provincial digital health information accessibility and interoperability. She has been a participant in World Standards Day celebrations hosted by eHealth Ontario’s Architecture and Standards Division, since 2011, inviting industry leaders to a panel presentation in this highly anticipated and well-attended event. Last year’s event garnered over 300 participants from across Canada with representation from regional delivery partners, vendors, acute, primary, home and community care, academia, and the health information management and health informatics communities. Sue has over 32 year experience across acute, community and veterinary health settings, and government focused on health information and informatics standards, data governance, privacy and analytics. She was a member of the Canada Health Infoway Standards Collaborative – Strategic Committee, Coordinating Committee, and Clinical Sub-Committee that were responsible for coordinating health information standards in Canada. Sue applied her leadership skills and terminology standards expertise as chair of the Standards Collaborative Working Group for Terminology Representation and Services (SCWG 9) Feb 2010 – Mar 2014. She has contributed to the development and review of ISO and HL7 standards, and has been participating in the TC215 Mirror Committee for 8 years. She chairs the eHealth Ontario Architecture and Standards Business and Technical Committee advancing Ontario’s application of health informatics and interoperability standards. Sue is an author, mentor to HIM/HI students, guest lecturer, and recipient of the Infoway (Individual) Standards Collaborative Peer Award – Fall 2010.

Timothy Wood, RN, BScN, MScN (in progress)

Timothy Wood

Timothy is an early career researcher working with Health Authorities in British Columbia and collaborating with universities across Canada and internationally. His clinical background as a Registered Nurse has led him to a career in academia with experience primarily in telehealth research and technological integration into healthcare. Work has included the development of a quality indicator measurement system for Health Authorities, a clinical trial to test and implement new health technology for older adults, and standardized clinical information systems. After a work term as a visiting scholar at the Center for Health Services Research in Australia, Timothy joined TC215 Mirror Committee to provide clinical knowledge and telehealth expertise for revision of the TS13131 Telehealth Quality Guidelines. He is also currently completing his thesis on teletrauma utilization in northern British Columbia and plans to further his training in the area of telehealth research at University of Queensland. With a passion to advance equitable access to appropriate health services for all Canadians, Timothy continues to remain involved with various telehealth related projects and regularly guest lectures and sits on panels at the University of Northern British Columbia. He is excited to be apart of the important work that ISO TC215 is apart of to further the quality, equitability, and accessibility of Canada’s health care system with a focus on technology.

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