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PS-CA Releases

The following table contains a list of the PS-CA Releases. To read the details of a specific release, including release notes, click on the Release Title name to be re-directed to the specific page containing the release details.

General Release Information

The pan-Canadian Patient Summary Implementable Specification (PS-CA) is published to a public space within InfoScribe and is also available as a downloadable document. A link to the online published content and the downloadable documentation will be published with each release. 

Release information for each release is contained in the corresponding PS-CA Release page. Please refer to the PS-CA Releases table above for links to specific release content.

Release Cycle

The release cycle will include a 3 stage review and feedback process, as presented in the infographic below, with a goal of one major release per fiscal year.

Types of releases will include:

How to Provide Feedback

Details about how to provide feedback on:

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