Release Schedule

The Canadian Clinical Drug Data Set will be released on a monthly basis .  Each monthly release will follow after the Health Canada Drug Product Database has been released and occur before the middle of the month.  Implementers can subscribe to received automatic updates from the Terminology Gateway.


The plan to introduce changes to the CCDD Technical Specification is as follows:

  • Schedule a call in the Medication Management Community to discuss and confirm the  approach and the timing of the change
    • Separate outreach to each knowledge based vendor using CCDD will occur as well as the PrescribeIT team to ensure they are aware prior to the call.
  • Post an announcement on the Medication Management forum of the change at least 30 days before the change is planned to be made
  • Make the change and document changes on applicable Technical Specifications page and release notes.

As part of the regular maintenance of the Canadian Clinical Drug Data Set, Health Canada may need to consult and seek expert advice from implementers and consumers of the data set.

Health Canada will not seek guidance from implementers or consumers to make regulatory or technical corrections (such as typographical errors, etc.)

Health Canada may need to seek additional guidance on proposed enhancements to the Canadian Clinical Drug Data Set itself or changes to the Editorial Guidelines that govern the naming convention for concepts found in the Canadian Clinical Drug Data Set.

This type of consultation(s) will take place on Infoway’s InfoCentral platform in the Medication Management Community

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