Release Notes: Pan-Canadian Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) - Jan. 31, 2015

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Purpose of the Release Notes

These Release Notes provide a high level summary of the changes made to pan-Canadian Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) artifacts. A detailed description of all of the changes can be found in the corresponding Change Log (SC-3004-EN - Change File – CDA - 20141117).

These release notes are intended to be used in conjunctions with other artifacts published as part of this release.

Stakeholders are strongly encouraged to review the Release Notes prior to exploring the rest of the published artifacts.

Highlights of the Release

This CDA Release is a planned release to address enhancements and technical corrections identified by pan-Canadian Stakeholders. The changes identified in this release have been adopted by jurisdictional implementation of the pan-Canadian CDA Header.

Downloadable Artifacts


The following artifacts are made available as part of this release:


SC-0006-EN - pan-Canadian CDA Header Implementation Guide – 20150131 (clean).pdf

Updated pan-Canadian CDA Header Implementation Guide without tracked changes highlighted

SC-3004-EN - pan-Canadian CDA Change File - 20150131.xlsx 

Details each change made to the relevant artifacts in this release.

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