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The first pan-Canadian Projectathon was held from March 21-23, 2022. This page provides Projectathon daily reports, PS-CA Samples created by vendors, session presentation materials, links to session recordings and more!

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Projectathon Agenda

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Projectathon Summary Dashboards, Day 3 Session Presentation & Recordings

Day 1 

Projectathon Summary Dashboard

Day 2

Projectathon Summary Dashboard


Day 3

Final Projectathon Summary 

Presentation Slides for the 4 Facilitated Roundtable Sessions

Recordings for the 4 Facilitated Roundtable Sessions

FHIR Content Data Model
  • Discuss implementer experience with PS-CA and CA:FeX including mapping native application data to the new FHIR profiles
Video Link
Supporting Profiles for the PS-CA Exchange (e.g., IUA)
  • To explore supporting profiles needed by future PS-CA integrations e.g., authorized access to records
Video Link
Approaches to Document Management 
  • Discuss implementer experiences and approaches available for handling patient’s longitudinal record, specifically focused on document format
Video Link
Clinical Workflow
  • Share outcomes of previous clinician sessions
  • Discuss vendor experiences with supporting clinical workflows, specifically related to Patient Summaries
Video Link

Support Cheat Sheet for the Projectathon

Pre-Projectathon Events

Important Dates and Events

Key DatesEvent Details

Jan 20

EventParticipant Registration Webinar (Recording available here. Presentation deck available here.)


This webinar will include an overview of the:

  • Scope of the Projectathon, including profiles and use cases 
  • Gazelle tool
  • Registration in Gazelle
  • How the Projectathon will be organized
  • Relevant documentation, including specifications and training materials
Preparation RequiredN/A

Jan 20 – Feb 24


Participant registration

Participant registration will be open from January 20 – February 21.

  • Click here to register to Gazelle Test Management. 
  • For more information on how to register your system, please watch the Participant Registration Webinar, recorded on Jan 20. 
Preparation RequiredComplete registration process.

Feb 17


Pre-Projectathon Testing Webinar (Recording available here. Presentation deck available here.)


This webinar will provide detailed information on:

  • Gazelle, including Gazelle Test Manager, simulators and validators
  • Pre-Projectathon Testing, including objectives, requirements, and test processes
Preparation Required

By February 17th, you will need to: 

  • Watch a short 15-minute video titled ‘Pre-Projectathon Webinar’
    • You can access this video by:
      • Logging into our Moodle platform at: https://moodle.pancanadianio.ca
      • Selecting the Course “Pan-Canadian Projectathon Webinars”
      • Selecting the video “Pre-Projectathon Webinar” 
  • Come prepared with any questions
  • Optional: Watch information videos on the Gazelle Tools. You may use these tools as part of your pre-Projectathon tests in Gazelle. For some test cases, you may need to use Gazelle simulators or Gazelle validators, and these videos will show you how to access the tools and how to perform your tests using the tools. There are videos available for the following tools:
      • EVS Client
      • Gazelle Security Suite – ATNA Questionnaire
      • Gazelle Security Suite – Certificates
      • Patient Manager
      • XDS StartClient Tool
      • XDS Testing Tool

    You can access these videos by:

Feb 25 – Mar 17


Pre-Projectathon Testing
DetailsPre-Projectathon testing will occur between February 17 – March 11.
Preparation Required

Refer to the preparation steps for the Pre-Projectathon Testing Webinar, held on Feb 17th.

Actions Required during the Pre-Projectathon Testing:

  • Perform Pre-Projectathon Testing
  • NOTE: ATNA Certification and ATNA Questionnaire are mandatory pre-Projectathon tests.
Feb 25EventOverview of Tools Webinar (Recording available here. Presentation deck available here.)
DetailsThis webinar will provide an overview of the tools that will be used to support your participation in the Projectathon. A walkthrough will be provided of: 
  • An OpenAPI User Interface for the PS-CA APIs, including the MHD and CA:FeX options.
  • A PS-CA FHIR Renderer used to visualize PS-CA FHIR bundles provided as JSON structured data.

Details about how to access the tools will be provided during the webinar.

Preparation RequiredN/A

Mar 1


Connectivity Testing Webinar (Recording available here. Presentation deck available here.)

This webinar will provide details about how to:

  • Find and execute the connectivity tests in Gazelle
  • Understand the pre-requisites for connectivity testing
Preparation Required Complete registration process (Note: Your registration status should say "Completed")

Mar 1 – Mar 17


Connectivity Testing 
DetailsConnectivity testing will occur between February 28 – March 11.
Preparation RequiredAdd your system IP address and host in Gazelle. (Details were provided during the Pre-Projectathon Testing Webinar, held on Feb 17. Recording link available above.)
Mar 14


Final Touchpoint Webinar
DetailsThis webinar will be a final touchpoint for participants to ask any questions in advance of the Projectathon event. 
Preparation RequiredN/A

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