Subsets in Scope for the April Release

The April 2018 Subset Release includes subsets that were updated, subsets that were inactivated and subsets that were retired (deprecated). Inactive subsets are identified on Terminology Gateway with a strike-through font. Retired or deprecated subsets are no longer available on the Terminology Gateway.

Maintenance Updates

The following subsets were updated in this release. Detailed change logs can be found on the Terminology Gateway outlining the specific changes to each subset.


2ActImmunizationReasonSNOMED CT
3AntigenCodeSNOMED CT
4ClientIdentifierAssigningAuthorityCodeSNOMED CT
5ClientIdentifierTypeCodeSNOMED CT
6ClientSocialBehaviourCodeSNOMED CT
7ClientStatusCodeSNOMED CT
8CommunicableDiseaseConditionCodeSNOMED CT
9EncounterDischargeDispostionSNOMED CT
10EncounterTypeCodeSNOMED CT
11EthnicityCodeSNOMED CT
13ImmunizationForecastStatusSNOMED CT
15ImmunoglobulinCodeSNOMED CT
18PassiveAdministeredImmunizingAgentCodeSNOMED CT
19PassiveHistoricalImmunizingAgentCodeSNOMED CT


21ProviderIdentifierAssigningAuthorityCodeSNOMED CT
22ProviderIdentifierTypeCodeSNOMED CT
23ProviderRoleCodeSNOMED CT
24ReferralServiceCodeSubsetNurseSNOMED CT
25ReferralServiceCodeSubsetOtherProviderSNOMED CT
26ReferralServiceCodeSubsetPhysicianSNOMED CT
27RouteOfAdministrationSNOMED CT
28VaccineAdministeredTradeNameCodeSNOMED CT
28VaccineHistorialNameCodeSNOMED CT
30VaccinePreventableDiseaseCodeSNOMED CT

Subsets Re-activated

The following subsets were re-activated this release. They were previously inactive but have been identified by Canadian implementers as valid pan-Canadian Subsets. As a result, they are active on the Terminology Gateway and have their content validated against the most current version of the Reference Terminology. In cases where Requests for Change (RFC) have been received, those have been applied.
1ActNoImmunizationReasonSNOMED CT
2AllergyIntoleranceSeverityCodeSNOMED CT
3AllergyIntoleranceStatusCodeSNOMED CT
4AllergyIntoleranceTypeCodeSNOMED CT
5FamilyHistorySocialBehaviourCodeSNOMED CT
6FamilyMemberRelationshipCodeSNOMED CT
7HighestLevelEducationCodeSNOMED CT
8NonDrugAllergenCodeSNOMED CT

Subsets Inactivated

The following subsets were inactivated in this release. Inactive subsets will remain on the Terminology Gateway for one year. After that time, if no implementer comes forward, they will be deprecated and removed from the Terminology Gateway.
2ClientReasonForEncounterCodeSNOMED CT

Subsets Deprecated

The following subsets have been deprecated in this release. They have been retired from the Terminology Gateway and are no longer available.
1BloodPressureAnatomicalLocationCodeSNOMED CT
2BloodPressureBodyPositionCodeSNOMED CT
3EncounterPaymentTypeCodeSNOMED CT
4EncounterPayorSourceCodeSNOMED CT
5HousingStatusSNOMED CT
6MedicationPrescribedAdherenceCodeSNOMED CT
7ProviderExpertiseCodeSNOMED CT
8ReasonInterventionRefusedCodeSNOMED CT
9RepresentativeBloodPressureReadingCodeSNOMED CT
10ServiceDeliveryLocationCodeSNOMED CT



Changes to the Terminology Gateway User Interface

There were a number of changes to the user interface that went live with the April 30, 2018 Subset release. Those changes are:

  1. The default filter for subsets changed from Active to All
  2. Add a new field called "Published On" to indicate the date the subset was published
  3. Add a new field called "Last Reviewed" to inform implementers the date the subset was last reviewed against the Reference Terminology.
  4. The order of the metadata on the Subset Overview tab has been modified.
  5. For all 'Inactive' Subsets, the color of the Subset Status on the Overview Tab has changed from black to red to make it more apparent that the subset is Inactive.
  6. Although the HumanLanguage subset is inactive, it remains visible on the Terminology Gateway with a hyperlink to the SDO that continues to maintain it. Infoway supports the use of HumanLanguage as published by the SDO and will no longer maintain a copy of the concepts on the Terminology Gateway.


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