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InfoScribe is an online solution that helps teams collaboratively create, discuss, and organize clinical requirements and specifications. It has many useful features - such as templates, versioning, PDF export, inline comments, HL7 Explorer integration, and many more - that would help teams to work productively and accelerate the development of healthcare solutions.  





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Online Access

InfoScribe can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime with an internet browser. Also, contents are stored online in one centralized location, which can be easily shared with team members and others.  There’s no application switching or shuffling through emails to get the whole story – everything is in one place.


Get Started Quickly

Templates are provided to accelerate the development of clinical requirements and specifications.  It ensures contents are structured in a logical and consistent manner so consumers can easily and quickly utilize the contents.




Pinpoint Feedbacks

You can now give and discuss specific feedback anywhere on a page or an image with inline comments. Highlight any amount of text – a letter, word, or paragraph – on a page to trigger an inline comment where you can give rich feedback – using @mentions to bring others into the discussion, links to offer more context, or emoticons to add some flavour. Reviewing and collaborating clinical requirements and specifications is better than ever in InfoScribe.





InfoScribe allows you to manage and author multiple versions of your documentation in a single space. 




Export to PDF




From Clinical Requirements to Specifications

Watch One, Watch All

Now, you can choose to watch a Page or an entire Space. Watching a Space allows you to receive email notifications on all Pages within that Space. Now you can stay up-to-date with contents that you care about.


Share files is Easy

InfoScribe makes it easy to share and store important files with:

Inline previews – Don’t waste time downloading a file in order to see it. You can preview your images and powerpoint presentations right from your page thanks to the HTML5 file viewer.
Automatic versioning – In InfoScribe files are automatically versioned, so any new version that is attached is automatically recognized and displayed.
Drag-and-drop simplicity – Just drag-and-drop your files onto a InfoScribe page to embed them. It’s that easy.
Inline Feedbacks – Just drag and drop a pin anywhere on any image to give feedback in context.