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The Drug Standards provide physicians, pharmacists and other health care providers with an improved ability to manage complete patient medication profiles across the continuum of care through a jurisdictional Drug Information System (DIS). This domain provides support for prescribing, dispensing, adding other medication to a patient's record, such as physician samples or over-the-counter medications, patient medication queries including contraindications that have previously been identified and managed, Drug queries, checking contraindications such as drug-to-drug interactions, drug-to-allergy interactions or dosage checking and managing prescription status (e.g. prescriptions that are put on hold).

Note: If you wish to access prior CeRx releases, please email Infodesk


In November 2017, the Canadian HL7 InfoCentral community determined that there was no longer any need to do further updates to the pan-Canadian Version 3 messages.  As a result, the December 2012 releases of MR02.06.01 and CeRx 4.4.2 are the latest pan-Canadian publications of these standardized messages.

The HL7 Explorer, the Master Terminology Worksheet (MTW) and all other messaging related artifacts are aligned with the latest releases.

Local updates to the messages will continue to be supported with Message ReMixer and Message Builder and published on InfoCentral.

Value sets will continue to be updated as required and published in the Terminology Gateway.

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