In November 2017, the Canadian HL7 InfoCentral community determined that there was no longer any need to do further updates to the pan-Canadian Version 3 messages.  As a result, the December 2012 releases of MR02.06.01 and CeRx 4.4.2 are the latest pan-Canadian publications of these standardized messages.

Value sets will continue to be updated as required and published in the Terminology Gateway.

Recent pan-Canadian HL7 v3 releases (messaging and terminology)

Messaging standards define how information is formatted or structured in order to allow the sharing of information between disparate health care systems. 

Terminology standards allow the right information to be captured, retrieved, aggregated and shared across healthcare settings in a consistent, safe and reliable manner.

The pan-Canadian Terminology found in this area of InfoCentral provides information on the concept domains, code systems, value sets and other facets of terminology to support implementers of all pan-Canadian standards.

To support messaging standards, the following business and technical artifacts have been created:

  • Master Terminology Worksheet (MTW): A human readable Excel file that provides links between the messaging artifacts and the terminology worksheet. It also includes the business rules to generate the allowable value set contents and URLs to the related code systems. It covers all messaging standard domains.
  • Terminology Implementation Guide: Provides implementation, compliance and conformance guidelines for use in developing software that conforms to Infoway’s Message Specifications. The Implementation Guide has been significantly updated with the release of MR02.05 and has been released as clean copy only.  A track changes version of the Implementation guide is available upon request.

  • Vocabulary Model Interchange Format (MIF): Files that provide a way for computer systems to consume the information in the MTW.

Access to pan-Canadian standards and supporting information is available to anyone who accepts the applicable license agreements. For access to or licenses for content managed by HL7 International, a fee will be collected.   Find out more about Standards Access.

For guidelines on submitting a Request for Change (RFC) for future maintenance cycles on pan-Canadian standards and their artifacts, please post your request on the HL7 Canada Community forum.

Looking for a different release?

Unable to find the release you were looking for? Email us and provide us with the details on the version that you need and we can retrieve it from the archives.

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