Release Notes:

FHIR Implementation Guide Change Log

  • Changes to the FHIR Implementation Guide are documented in the Canadian FHIR Registry, PS-CA project, located here.

PS-CA Specifications

  • Updated the PS-CA Use Case Overview - Use Case Actors and Descriptions table "Document Repository" definition to provide clarity that a document repository is a shared storage space for clinical documents (e.g., Patient Summaries) that can be hosted locally or at the Central Infrastructure and can be accessed by authorized users. In addition, a note has been added under the Use Case Actor table to clarify that a system may assume more than one of the Actor roles.
  • Updated the Core Interoperability Specification Requirements - Actor Mapping to Interoperability Specification section to clarify that there are two implementation options defined in this specification (MHD and CA:FeX), which may be used to solve for the use cases covered in tables 1.1 through 3.2.


  • Updated references to the Reference Architecture to link to the RA v0.1.1 DFT.