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PS-CA Releases

The following table contains a list of the PS-CA Releases. To read the details of a specific release, including release notes, click on the Release Title name to be re-directed to the specific page containing the release details.

General Release Information

The pan-Canadian Patient Summary Implementable Specification (PS-CA) is published in a public space within InfoScribe and is also available as a downloadable document. A link to the online published content and the downloadable documentation will be published with each release. 

Release information for each release is contained in the corresponding PS-CA Release page. Please refer to the PS-CA Releases table above for links to specific release content.

Publication Process

For details about the publication process, including Publication Types, Versioning, etc., refer to the IO Specifications Publication Model.

How to Provide Feedback

Each release will include details about how to provide feedback. In the PS-CA Releases table above, click on the Release Title for which you wish to provide feedback on.

Terms of Use

Use of the Interoperability Program content is bound by the Terms of Use as defined on InfoCentral.

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