HL7 Canada Affiliate Chair

Date: January 2020


  • To clearly articulate the roles, responsibilities and suggested deliverables of the HL7 Affiliate chair working with Canada Health Infoway on behalf of Canadians

Context – Background

This document outlines the role, responsibilities and suggested deliverables associated with the HL7 Affiliate Chair role with Canada Health Infoway to ensure better two-way communications with Health Canada and all interested Canadians stakeholders.

Roles, Responsibilities and Deliverables

RoleHL7 Affiliate Chair
  • Effective involvement in SDO meetings

  • Practical and effective leadership of the HL7 Community through InfoCentral

  • Willing and able to devote time to the International and domestic work as required

  • Technical knowledge to bring forward decisions and recommendations based on consultation with Canadian stakeholders

  • Fluent speaker and writer to express effectively the Canadian position

  • Chair of the HL7 Canada Council

    • Facilitates and ensures Canadian votes are cast on HL7 ballots as required

    • Schedules and leads HL7 community and Canada Council meetings and ensures that all Canada Council members comply with their responsibilities

  • Represents HL7 International to the InfoCentral HL7 community
  • As HL7 Canada representative to the HL7 International Council:
    • represents Canadian community priorities and needs to HL7 International
    • participates in International Council meetings (and related participation in HL7 Board Meeting at Working Group Meetings (WGMs)
    • provides HL7 Canada activity synopsis for WGM meeting slideshow
    • provides HL7 Canada high level updates at every WGM, and periodically provides more in-depth updates depending on country presentation rotation
  • Facilitates and ensures cross communication with other InfoCentral communities and workgroups as required
  • Ensures that Canadians are aware of the work being done at HL7 (v2, v3, CDA, FHIR, Terminology etc.) and their views are heard and expressed to this SDO as required
  • Contributes and reports on the identification of new standards needs and new business domains
  • Reports on international meeting activity and outcomes and provides status reports
  • Ensures that Canadians are aware of the work being done at HL7 International
  • Ensures that Canadian views are heard and expressed to HL7 International as required and reports back on the outcomes of any discussions and/or decisions
Required deliverable
  • Hosts monthly HL7 Canada meetings and facilitates additional webinars as required
Required deliverable
  • Grow awareness and engagement in HL7 related standards and work
Required deliverable
  • Trip Reports

Infoway Support

  • Funding international travel and participation at HL7 International Working Groups

Time and Effort Expectations

  • Work Group Meeting (WGM) Attendance: 15 days
  • WGM preparation: 3 days
  • WGM report preparation: 1.5 days
  • Chair Council meetings: 1.5 days
  • Council prep: 3 days (2 hours prep / reminder / after meeting posting for every hour facilitation)
  • Chair Canada Community meetings: 1.5 days • Community meeting prep: 3 days (same a prep above)
  • Affiliate Agreement Review and Contribution: 1 day of effort total across iterations
  • Annual Report Review and Contribution: 1 day da of effort total across iterations
  • Travel time between WGM: 10 days

HL7 Canada Council Working Group

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