Welcome to pan-Canadian LOINC Observation Code Database Releases

The pan-Canadian LOINC Observation Code Database (pCLOCD) is a clinical comprehensive and granular reference terminology. The pCLOCD is the Canadian constraint of the larger LOINC terminology as published by the Regenstrief Institute and customized to meet the needs of Canadian stakeholders. The pCLOCD is the most implemented health care standard to date in Canada and it continues to grow to truly reflect the laboratory terminology in use in Canada today.

The pCLOCD is not expected to be “complete” at any given time since laboratory testing technology changes continually as new tests are devised and reporting requirements change.  The pCLOCD is maintained and revisions are published biannually. Information that is common to all pCLOCD releases (requesting a change, french translation processes etc) can be found on the General Release Information page.

More information about the pCLOCD can be found on the LOINC and pCLOCD Standards page on InfoCentral.

Requests for change are welcome at any time and can be submitted via InfoRMS.

Comments, questions or inquiries about implementation are most welcome. Please contact us.

pCLOCD Releases

Release Schedule

The pCLOCD bi-annual release schedule is shifting to September and March. The first release per this new schedule will be in September 2021.

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