The ISO/TC215 Canada Constituency supports the work of ISO/TC215 Health Informatics in Canada by contributing domestic input to the international standards development work. This support includes reviewing and responding to ISO/TC215 work items, primarily via the appropriate InfoCentral Communities and the Canadian Mirror Committee of ISO TC215; participating in ISO/TC215 Canada Constituency and/or ISO Community meetings; and informing and engaging broader Canadian health care communities for input and feedback on ISO/TC215 work items, as required.

ISO/TC215 Canada Constituency Chair and Head of Delegation: Elizabeth Keller ISO/TC215 Canada Constituency Vice-Chairs: Bev Knight and Finnie Flores ISO/TC215 Canada Constituency Secretary: Sari Schapira
Please contact us with any questions and/or [email protected]

ISO/TC215 - Health Informatics

ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is the world's largest developer and publisher of international standards. ISO/TC215 is the ISO Technical Committee (TC) on Health Informatics. ISO/TC215 is structured through working groups that deliver standards in the following priority health infostructures and domains:

  • Architecture, Frameworks and Models (WG1)
  • Systems and Device Interoperability (WG2)
  • Semantic Content (WG3)
  • Security, Safety and Privacy (WG4)
  • Pharmacy and Medicines Business (WG6)
  • Safe, effective and secure health software and health IT systems, including those incorporating medical devices (JWG7)

 Currently, TC215 standards development work addresses health and health informatics needs including:

  • Health information / data (definition, content, models, representation)
  • Requirements (medications, EHR’s, use case, security)
  • Genomics (data, quality and reliability metrics, markup languages)
    • Semantic content representation (specifications, terminology resources, models, structure, competencies and content, big data)
    • Health data, software and systems safety and privacy (management of risk)
      • Pharmaceutical product information system safety, efficiency and interoperability (medicinal product identification, implementation guides)
      • Medical device interoperability
      • Standards sets (including Patient Summaries, etc.)
      • Compliance and conformance for Health & Wellness Applications
      • Data Governance

Standards sets are key interoperability initiatives in the ISO and Standards Development Organization (SDO) communities, starting with a clinical imaging standard ‘bundle’ at ISO and supporting the Joint Initiative Council’s (JIC) patient summary standards set, all building from ISO/TC215 and other SDO base standards.

Genomics Informatics is also a new leading initiative of ISO/TC215, with TC approval to form a Sub- Committee of the Technical Committee 215 (SC1), to address effectively the scope of genomic informatics. This work launched in late 2019 and is progressing well with many new standards in development.

ISO/TC215 Ballots

Canada Health Infoway works in collaboration with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Canada's national member body to ISO, to facilitate the provision of Canadian input to the development of ISO/TC215 standards and participation in international activity. The SCC ISO/TC215 Mirror Committee (MC) has the primary responsibility for formal balloting based on the broad input of ISO/TC215 community.

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