Request for Change (RFC)

Implementers can submit a request for change (RFC) to terminology content and subsets. Requests must be made using the Infoway RFC tool, the Infoway Request Management System (InfoRMS). In order to submit an RFC, you need to request access to InfoRMS and must be logged in. An InfoRMS account can be requested via an InfoCentral registration request. The tool utilizes users' Infoway account credentials to log in and is located at this URL: 

InfoRMS provides users with the ability to log an RFC by single entry or by using a template to submit batch requests. The template should be downloaded each time there is a new request to ensure the current version of the template is used. The template is a Microsoft Excel© file that contains multiple tabs. The “How to use this spreadsheet” tab describes the various columns and tabs. Users should be familiar with this tab before utilizing any other tab. 

Stakeholders submitting requests are expected to adhere to the Canadian Editorial Guidelines. The QA Checklist is a tool that Infoway has developed to support this. When a request is received, it is evaluated as to its completeness, accuracy, adherence to the editorial guidelines and priority. Submitters will be notified of incomplete or inaccurate requests using the workflow status in the tool. An acknowledgement of the request is provided each time a request is submitted. 

All RFCs sent to SNOMED International must follow the SNOMED International Editorial Guidelines. Adhering to the guidelines initially will reduce delays in submitting requests to SNOMED International and will reduce the effort associated with managing submitted RFCs.

When a new concept is added to the Canadian Edition, Infoway will create the following:

    • One description that is the Fully Specified Name (FSN) which includes a semantic tag
    • One description that is the Preferred Synonym
    • One additional synonym in English (optional)
    • One additional synonym in French (optional)
    • A concept identifier

French translation must be provided to Infoway with references and supporting documentation when appropriate. All synonyms must be semantically equivalent to the concept FSN (not narrower or broader in definition). Word order variants are not accepted.

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