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Code System VersionSeptember 30, 2023
Release TypeMaintenance

The SNOMED CT Canadian Edition package includes one (1) set of files for referencing the Canadian English (CA EN), Canadian French (CA FR), and Canadian refsets, and International Edition release content up to and including the September 2023 release. Package contents have been pre-computed and harmonized based on the module dependency when several extensions are merged. 

The package is a .zip file that includes text files in the RF2 format as per the SNOMED International specification. The CA Edition contains two (2) release types: full and snapshot. To align with SNOMED International releases, the package no longer includes a delta release type. Each type of release file includes reference set files and terminology core files.

Release notes for the International Edition can be accessed here

Release Scope

  1. Requests for change received from Canadian implementers from March 4 to September 1, 2023  - InfoRMS SNOMED CT RFC Project
    1. Requests to add, change or inactivate content in both English and French. 
    2. Content corrections (typographical errors, metadata, others).  
    3. CA EN concepts promoted to the International Edition of SNOMED CT.
    4. In the Release Notes, "Issues in progress" refers to requests that were accepted and added to the most recent Canadian Edition, but they also have been submitted to SNOMED International for consideration for core inclusion. If accepted, they are in scope for inclusion in the International Edition and will be assigned to a release by SNOMED International and will require harmonization with the next CA Edition release.

  2. Subsets - InfoRMS Subset RFC Project 
    1. Pan-Canadian SNOMED CT subsets in scope for this maintenance cycle include: Immunization, Communicable Disease, Primary Health Care and others.
    2. 27 SNOMED CT subsets (refsets) are published as extensional refsets in the Canadian Edition (Canada Health Infoway Simple Type Reference Set (foundation metadata concept)).
    3. 23 of 50 subsets are expanded type subsets that are intensionally defined (i.e. defined using queries). These can be found as members of the Simple query specification reference set (foundation metadata concept). See below printscreen.

Notes for this Release:

  1. New vaccine concepts to support the ongoing COVID-19 response. 
  2. The SNOMED CT Canadian Edition package no longer includes Delta files.
  3. Canadian fluoroscopic concepts remodeled according to the SNOMED International guidelines (including fluoroscopic angiography, arteriography, venography, lymphogram and fluoroscopy guided vascular procedures).
  4. Release notes for International releases including the International Edition and the Common French extension are no longer included in the Canadian Edition release package. International release notes can be accessed here.
  5. Inclusion of concepts that originated in other national extensions and were promoted to core because they also meet Canadian requirements and, as such, meet the international use case (lateral promotion).
  6. French translation of vaccine content, findings, organisms, specimens, body structures, and content related to the CIHI HHR MDS and ODT programs:
    1. The Canadian Edition includes new translation of COVID-19 concepts.

Refer to section 5. Questions and Comments, for additional information about SNOMED CT or if you have comments.

Refer to section 6. Requests for Change (RFC), for additional information on how to request terminology content or subsets. 

Refer to section 7. Updates and Publications, for dates and times related to publication.

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