Microbiology Editorial Guidelines 

The current page will no longer provide the SNOMED CT Content Development Canadian Editorial Guidelines for Microbiology. All implementers are requested to align to the current SNOMED CT Editorial Guide and follow the guidelines listed in the Observable Entity and Microbiology Test Results. These pages describe the National Standards Release Centre (NSRC) approach to applying the Editorial Guidelines from SNOMED International to create SNOMED CT concepts for Microbiology. This includes:

Microbiology References

Authoritative references recognized by SNOMED International are required when submitting requests for new concepts so that these concepts can be promoted internationally.

See section 8. References for a non-exhaustive list of references suggested by SNOMED International.

SNOMED Canadian Edition

If you cannot provide any reference from these recognized and authoritative sources, here is a list of some resources that may be considered when submitting requests for new concepts or for modifications applicable to the Organism hierarchy for publication only in the Canadian Edition of SNOMED CT. 


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