DateMarch 31, 2023
AccessTerminology Gateway
Code SystemLOINC
Code System Version2.74
Release TypeMaintenance

The pan-Canadian LOINC Observation Code Database (pCLOCD) standard is published as an Excel file that contains ten tabs. The four tabs that were edited in this release include Infoway Terms of Use, LOINC® Copyright, Nomenclature and the Change Log. This release will contain the February 2023 update (LOINC version 2.74) from the Regenstrief Institute Inc. and any interim changes from the previously published release, which are described below. 

We continue to expand the Canadian French translation of LOINC terms with each release and this includes translating new terms and updating existing revised terms. Thank you to the Translation working group for their ongoing support and dedication to this valuable work.

It is helpful to review the general pCLOCD release information in tandem with each pCLOCD release notes.


1. There are a total of 38,759 records this release, up from 38,740 in the previously released version. This version will incorporate all of the applicable LOINC changes in version 2.74 as published by Regenstrief (in February 2023).

2.  37,881 records have been translated to French, up from 37,863 in the last version. Terms that are marked ‘Review Draft’ should be reviewed before they are used as the translation has not been previously published. Terms that are marked as ‘Complete’ have been previously published. 

3. 31 records were modified in English for this release and are marked as R05.18.00_2.74

a. 2 records are of the change type Major for English changes.

b. 4 records are of the change type Name for English changes.

c.  2 corrections were made to Viewer Names.

d. 6 records were Deprecated.

4. 17 new records were added for the English version.

5.  28 records were modified in French for this release and are marked as R05.18.00_2.74

a. 1 records are of the change type Major for the French translation.

c. 3 records are of the change type Name for the French translation.

c. 1 correction was made to Viewer Names

d. 6 records were Deprecated.

6.  17 new records were added for the French version.

7. Both languages contain a number of codes that only have changes in the other language; those are identified as ‘No Change’.

Of specific interest in this release, current implementers may want to review these changes:

New Content highlights:

New LOINC codes are added in pCLOCD solely on stakeholder requests. Infoway only adds LOINC content identified by jurisdictions as being used or as required, in this way we support pCLOCD being representative of usage and requirements in Canada. For your convenience, a list of all newly published LOINC 2.74 codes is available for download. If your jurisdiction requires existing LOINC codes added to pCLOCD, please submit your request via InfoRMS.  

New LOINC codes added to pCLOCD in this release includes

  • 17 LOINC new codes added to this release of pCLOCD, 8 of which are new content requested by Canadian Stakeholders 

Term edits highlights:

  • 6 XCA codes changed status to “Inactive” and marked as Change Type: Deprecated. 'Map to' LOINC codes are provided.
  • Updated LOINC Component: Thermoactinomyces sacchari to Laceyella sacchari

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